Looking to enter the world of online reviews and reputation management, but don’t know what you’re up against? Read our handy guide to detail all the essential information you need to know.

Online reputation management is vital for digital marketing as content marketing, paid Search and SEO for local businesses because consumers have migrated to online shopping, and the need for positive online customer feeling has grown so vast.

With more than 8 out of 10 consumers relying online reviews as much as on a personal recommendation, displaying carefully selected 5-star reviews on your website sends a strong signal of trust and validates their decision to do business with you.

Also, an increasing number of consumers are reading more than 11 reviews before they feel they can trust a business. So, the easier you can access reviews on your own media channels, the greater the likelihood of conversions.

Instead of customers going to a local outlet to buy a product, they go online to see if several individuals have also bought such a product, to save them the risk and stress of buying it. For several companies online, the lift-off point was 2012, with Google and Facebook growth in that year’s reviews. As customers buy products, they write a feedback after using such a product. That feedback is now known as comments or review. Online reviews are now an essential part of the procurement process.

You will find criticism in some review, while in another, you will see positive comments. In previous times, Google allowed reviews to be left only to critics. But things have changed, now with 63 percent of consumers leaving a local business online review with another 25 percent open to the idea of doing so.

What is Online Reputation Management?

In the digital marketing world, you’ll need online reputation management to create, cultivate, and maintain your brand name and its good online review rating standing. These reviews are essential to the survival of your company. So online reputation management lets you create a digital public profile one online review at a time so that anyone looking for your brand can find 5-star reviews and positive customer interactions that paint your business in the best light possible.

Applying online reputation management means deploying strategies for generating, improving, and responding to online reviews that customers leave, with your focus on popular review sites such as Google My Business, YellowPages, Facebook, and others sites.

This means your online reputation management software will be deployed to easily request reviews from customers and distribute them to popular online review sites. You will proactively ask customers to leave feedback on your business. You will respond to both positive and negative reviews to either thank customers for their great feedback or addressing pressing issues.

Why do online reviews matter so much for local businesses?

Virtually all that happens online is about buying and selling. That is, it involves currency trading for goods or vice versa. Meaning there’s money involved. I wouldn’t want to buy a product worth thousands of dollars and find out it’s an inferior product. Hence, potential customers go online to check if there is something good about the commodity they want to buy.

Online reviews are just like personal recommendations, and now many people have confidence in them. As consumers, that means we are all conditioned to look for online reviews before doing business with a new company.

  1. Reviews are all on many online sites

Facebook is now the world’s second most popular reviews and recommendations platform after Google My business ( GMB); you don’t even need to be proactive in soliciting reviews to share your company’s opinions with consumers. Because of this trust attached to them, many review sites are also popping up all the time with ratings of stars appearing alongside organic search results, in Google Local results, and even alongside AdWords paid search ads.

Online reviews can make or break the bottom line for a small business. You literally can not hide from reviews.

  1. They are a factor in rankings

Online reviews are an important ranking factor that clearly correlates the volume of reviews, responses, and the number of negative reviews with the results of local searches.

  1. GMB comments will boost click-throughs

Potential consumers will look elsewhere if a company had no product reviews or have any star rating. Customers have a lot of faith in ratings, especially when they see a 4 to 5 rating. Once your business reach the Google Local 3-Pack (Top 3 position), your positive reviews will help with the rate of clicking too.

  1. Examinations serve as social proof

Social media comments will affect buy decisions. In a 2017 research, Open Influence reported that 47.7 percent of US social media users made their latest purchases via Facebook. With so many business pages indexing highly for the company name in Search, social media has become a vital part of the customer buying process by making it easy for a shopper to turn to the Facebook page of a business to find out more product details. Reviews and recommendations on Facebook serve as social evidence of the quality of your business.

  1. You can use reviews on your site as signals of confidence to increase conversions

Potential customers go online more than ever to look at reviews so they can make choices about which local businesses to patronize, which products to buy, or which service to use. Hence, the reputation of your business is your number 1 asset.

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