People nowadays make it a point to read online reviews before deciding where to eat, or booking hotel accommodations, or availing the services of a dentist, lawyer, or a doctor.

Google generates a large amount of web traffic. As such, more often than not, people look at reviews or ratings from Google search or on Google maps. It has become more common to check out these venues instead of the traditional ones or the yellow pages. It is important to note that these reviews can either make or break a company’s name.

Removing Negative Reviews from GoogleIt is important to keep one’s composure if your business received negative reviews that can have a great impact on your business’ reputation online. You have to keep in mind that removing negative reviews in Google can be done.

We will further discuss options on how to better protect your business’ online reputation and how to remove negative reviews generated from Google search.

A lot of businesses and individuals bank on the online reviews that they get as they know that their online reputation is important. We have services and tools available to improve and repair the damage on your business’ online reputation.

If your business’ reputation has been damaged online, we have a service designed specifically for businesses like you. It is not impossible to remove negative  review on Google. When searching for a certain company or business, people will not usually look beyond the first few pages of the Google search results. Thus, it would be beneficial for your company or business if only good reviews and positive results are shown in the first few pages of Google search. These means that, people will not even look at these negative reviews; but instead, they will only look at the positive things about your business.

For negative reviews on Google My Business page, there is a way to have a review removed. You can just contact Google’s and ask that the negative review be removed. It is also important to give details as to why the negative review should be removed and if it breach any of the Google rules, it will be removed.

Unlike Google Map, other review sites do not give business owners the option to have negative reviews removed. This makes it difficult for business owners to have a negative review deleted or taken down. But, it is possible to contact the website where it originated. You can contact the website’s administrator and ask that the negative review be removed. You have to be prepared to show evidence to back up your claim for the specific content to be removed. Another option would be to ask Google not to index a page or “crawl” on a specific website that has bad reviews regarding your company.

It is also beneficial to know that Google has a public URL removal tool. By using this tool, materials and information can be deleted from search engines immediately. This means that outdated URLs will eventually not show up on Google search results.

Google’s URL removal tool may be helpful for some but it is not an effective way to remove the reviews that are found on reputable review sites. Negative reviews can still show up for a long period of time.

It is to your business’ advantage that there are now companies, like us, who can manage your online reputation. We are willing to work with you to control what shows up when searching for your company through Google.

Companies nowadays can combat negative reviews by putting up a lot of positive information. You can do this by encouraging customers to leave favorable reviews. One option would be to offer promotions and discounts to customers and provide them a link where they can give their review. The key is to ask people who have had a good experience with your business. A lot of satisfied customers are willing to do this but you just have to encourage them a bit.

There are a lot of ways to get positive feedback; however, you have to keep in mind that it is bad business practice that you write the positive reviews yourself. Customers will be inclined to think that businesses that do this or promote themselves like this are not legitimate businesses.

It can be really tempting to write positive reviews for your own company, but you have to realize that this is frowned upon. If this leaks or if people know that those are just self-reviews, you do more harm to your reputation than good.

One of your options would be to contact a business like us who can offer you services that would be the best match for your business. We have a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about defending your online reputation. You can now be at ease thinking that there is a team of people who will monitor and protect your business’ online reputation.

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