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Optimise the Success of your Business with Reputation Marketing

Reviews for local businesses has become a critical factor in business success which is why Reputation Marketing should be at the forefront of any business’ strategy.

  • 92% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Positive reviews make 73% of consumers have trust in a local business
  • 68% of consumers will leave a review for a local business if asked to
  • The average local business marketer spends 17% of their time on online reputation management
  • Review signals (quantity, velocity, diversity) make up 13% of local pack ranking factors

These figures highlight how important it is to the success of a business, to have an exceptional reputation management strategy. Having genuine positive reviews from real customers can only improve your branding, and is crucial in attracting more potential clients to your business. However, with the myriad of online review sites found across the internet, with the ability to collect consumer opinion across a wide range of industries, it can be incredibly time-consuming, and costly, to generate online reviews. That’s why I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of a new MaxStandOut Feedback App tool that will ensure you can build a business with a 5-star reputation quickly and easily. It’s a simple, powerful and low-cost solution that helps businesses manage and increase their online reputation.


Put simply, MaxStandOut Reputation Marketing allows you to:

  • Get more reviews from existing and new customers
  • Monitor and report on review performance

Get Reviews

Using our proprietary Reputation Marketing Feedback App, you can proactively grow your online reviews by making it easy to contact your customers, request feedback and guide them to write reviews on the most important review sites for your business. How it works in 5 simple steps:

  1. Set up and customize the New Feedback App to collect Reviews from your real clients
  2. Select the review sites you want to send customers to ( optional)
  3. Start collecting reviews and watch feedback and reviews come in

Handling Positive and Negative Feedback

We use a 5 Stars Smile system to gauge the experiences of your customers. They score your business 1-5 stars rating and provide a description of their experience. All feedback received, both scores and comments, will be directly forwarded to your email, as soon as the review is submitted. We help you manage the experience of happy and less-happy customers by setting a threshold for ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ star scores. Both sets of customers can leave reviews but you can ask unhappy customers for additional feedback and contact them to try to sort out any issue they might have had, before they go online. There are many ways in which you can encourage your customers to leave reviews. These include:

  1. Set up an ipad at your reception for customer to give feedback straight away
  2. Send customers request via SMS, to submit a review
  3. Send customers request via Email, to submit a review
  4. Have the Feedback App on your employee phone / tablet ( perfect for out of office contractors)

We Monitor your Reviews

We have revamped our reviews report to make it easier to monitor and manage your reputation. We can track review growth over time, see your latest reviews, and filter and analyses them so you know exactly what’s going on with your reputation on all sites, at all times. We’ll alert you to every new review that comes via our Feedback App so you can stay on top of your reputation. We display the full review text and reviewer names and date so you can see every review from every customer.

Respond Directly to Reviews

We’ve also made it easy to respond to reviews on Google by contacting us and/or we can also respond to all your reviews on Google on your behalf.

What does Reputation Manager cost?

Reputation Marketing is available to customers on 3 different plans. We don’t charger per reviews, unlimited reviews can be collected, and we cal also add some survey questions ( up to 20) to each plan, if you like.

Call 08 6102 5863 or email us at info@test.maxstandout.com.au

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