A positive reputation positively influences search rankings as well as increasing your stars Rating on Google Reputation Marketing Australia It is remarkable what reputation can do for a business. Reviews can be extremely powerful in influencing other potential customers. Positive reviews will attract more customers, whereas negative reviews can have a hugely detrimental impact on the viability of your business. When used correctly, Reputation Marketing can be a huge aid to driving more customers to your business, and improving brand awareness. With so much choice out there, customers are increasingly looking to, and influenced by, online reviews before making any purchasing decisions. Demonstrating the Impact of Reviews

  • 100% said that reputation is important / very important to their business
  • 77% said that reputation management is a highor very high priority
  • 17% of respondents’ time on avg is spent on reputation management

Most common reasons given by businesses for not doing more to manage their reputation

  • Lack of time (50%)
  • Not enough budget (27%)
  • Complexity (14%)

The Local SEO Ranking Factors Study shows that a significant proportion of the most critical local rankings factors are tied to reviews. Google Reviews Management Experts What is clearly apparent is that the businesses that are ranking highest in Google Local, have good reviews and ratings in Google. A study performed by BrightLocal showed that positive reviews increase CTR by 22%.

A positive reputation boosts landing page conversion

The latest data shows that reviews increase trust in a company by 11% and that positive ratings on reviews increase the likelihood of a potential consumer contacting a business by 12%. A positive reputation builds customer trust Key findings from BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey:

  • 93% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Reviews make 68% of consumers more likely to use a business

 Managing Your Online Reputation

Whether your business is a single-location or multi-location business, at MaxStandOut we can offer a comprehensive online reputation marketing strategy. Critical elements to consider in the development of any successful review marketing strategy for your business includes:

  1. Establish and set clear targets

Your goal as a business is to have enough reviews online to garner confidence and trust from potential new customers. Having only a couple of reviews is unlikely to be enough to sway a customer to your business from that of your competitor. Consumers are now very savvy, and want to know about other’s experience with your business before they agree to part with their hard-earned dollar. The number of reviews you should aim for will be dependent on various factors including, your business type and how competitive your industry and location are. Have a look at your direct competitors and see how they’re performing online. This can help you to establish some baseline targets regarding number of reviews you will require. As an overall rule, the more reviews you get, the better it is for your business to establish consumer confidence and trust, improve brand awareness, and increase online presence. Not all reviews are created the same. Merely having a 5 star rating without any content written, would not be as influential as a thoughtful and detailed review outlining their experience. Also, the ‘freshness’ of the review is extremely important.

The 2019 Local Consumer Review Survey found 85% of consumers disregarded reviews left more than 3 months ago.

That means a business needs to constantly generate fresh reviews to remain relevant. At MaxStandOut we can help you with establishing clear review targets, making it easier to collect genuine reviews from your customers, and posting these on the multitude of online review platforms.

  1. Develop an easy user-friendly process to generate new reviews

It should become a routine part of the service process to ask  your customer to leave a review. Research has shown that 69% of customers will happily leave a review if asked, particularly when the experience is fresh in their mind.  The more time that passes, the less likely they will post a review. At MaxStandOut we have developed a unique user-friendly proprietary App that makes it easy to collect reviews from your customers, even at the point of sale. The consumer can easily enter their review via a feedback form which can be sent to them via text, e-mail, or can even be located on an I-pad next to the salesperson. Reviews can then be collected, and posted on their behalf, simplifying the whole review process.

  1. Choose the most relevant review sites for your business

There are numerous online review platforms found across the internet, and many would not be relevant to your business.  Posting reviews on those sites would not be beneficial to your business and would essentially waste the review. At MaxStandOut we will research the most relevant review sites for your business and industry, and tailor a strategy to maximise the impact of the reviews collected. Reviews will only be posted on those sites deemed relevant to your industry, with high traffic, and allow for maximum return. Commonly we will target Google, Facebook, True Local, Product Review among others sites. We are highly experienced in developing strategies to ensure that any review gets the maximum exposure and impact.

  1. Train and encourage staff to collect reviews

To maximise the result of any Reputation Marketing campaign, the key is to generate as many reviews as possible. It is critical that all staff members, particularly those that work at the point of sale, are able to understand the importance of review generation, and can confidently acquire these reviews. MaxStandOut has developed a very user-friendly App that is customised to each business, that makes it easy to collect reviews from consumers. Staff should be trained as a routine part of the service process, to ask the customer if they can leave a review.

  • Increase the visibility of your Reviews

Reviews from your customers don’t only have to be placed  on online review platforms. Maximise the impact of your reviews by also placing them anywhere potential customers may visit. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Contact Pages
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Landing pages on your website
  • Google Posts- promoting a review rather than a product or service
  • Display and Re-targeting Ads
  • Schema Markup
  • Email Marketing
  • Sms Marketing
  • Printed promotional material including flyers and business cards

The most important aspect is that you have worked hard for your reputation, and you should proudly promote this to the world whenever, and however you can.

  1. Use reputation management software to maximise your review generation

At MaxStandOut, we have developed an App that makes it easy for any business to collect reviews to be placed on online platforms. Once collected we will post these on the sites where reviews will have the most impact. Feedback forms can be sent via E-mail, SMS, or  conveniently located on an IPad at the point of sale.

If you would like a tool that can automatize all of the above processes, please contact MaxStandout to find out more about the benefits of a Review Management Plan from MaxStandOut.com.au

Call 08 6102 5863 or email us at info@test.maxstandout.com.au for more information.