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Increase your Online Visitors and Enquiries through Digital Display Advertising

If you have never heard of digital display advertising, you have certainly seen digital display ads. These ads are those you see when you are browsing online, be it on websites, social media platforms, news sites and even on apps. Digital Display advertising may be seen in various formats including banners, text, video or audio formats

Digital Display Advertising is a very effective marketing strategy used by Businesses to promote their products or services across Google and other third-party sites.
These ads can be displayed on a vast network of sites found all across the internet. According to Google, the Display Network has the capacity to reach in excess of 90% of internet users worldwide.
The use of images within the ad itself will significantly improve the effectiveness of your digital display advertising campaign. Those ads with an image, or video, will have a 42% greater click through rate (click back to your website), than campaigns without any images.

The Principle Purpose of Digital Display Ads Explained:

The main reason Digital Display Advertising is used by companies is to aid the promotion of brand awareness, and in doing so, increase the sales of products and services offered by the business.

If your target audience has repeated exposure to your product or service, then when they need your product, it will be your company/brand that will be at the forefront of their mind.

With Digital Display Advertising, your ads will be displayed across the internet, not just on one website, and can be used to cleverly target those sites that are frequented by your client base. Google has a range of targeting options from managed placements (websites specifically selected by the advertiser), to website groupings based on audience demographics.

Most importantly Digital Display Advertising allows you to expand your potential client base by placing your ad directly in front of customers, introducing new people to your brand or product, even before they knew they needed it! In doing so, it allows you to be more active in the discovery stage of the sales funnel.

Benefits of Digital Display Advertising:

  • Reach: With your Google Ads account, your company has access to millions of sites globally through the Google Display Network. This allows you to place your brand in front of an incredible amount of new potential clients.
  • Diversity: Digital Display Ads can be produced in a vast array of sizes, designs, shapes and formats (including videos/GIF/HTML5). For maximal success with your campaign, it is important to consider your target audience when choosing your advert design, as the goal is to truly capture the attention, and engage your potential new customers.
  • Targeting: The extensive reach of the Global Display Network allows you to place your advert virtually anywhere on the internet, However, for most people, indiscriminate placement of your ads will be a waste. What you really need is to be able to place ads in front of people that are the most likely to use your product or service. Through clever targeting methods such as demographic, keyword, topic and geo targeting, we can place your ads on websites that are most likely to be relevant to your target audience.
  • Measurable: To determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and determine which ads are performing more successfully, it is important to be able to track and measure the performance of your ads. This can be done through the collection and analysis of various data (such as clicks, impressions, and conversion rates) through Google Analytics. Being able to determine what ads are successful, will be helpful in determining future marketing strategies.

Cold Marketing vs Re-targeting as a Strategy in Digital Display Ads:

Digital Display Advertising can be used not only to follow visitors to your website (re-target), but also to appear in front of potential new clients (cold marketing).

Cold Marketing: Cold marketing is a strategy to target potential new clients (that have never visited your website and may never have heard of you). By placing ads on websites known to be frequented by the target audience, allows a company to have exposure to those clients most likely to use their product or service. With exposure, comes brand recognition, and your brand will be at the forefront of their mind when they need your product.

Re-targeting: A very useful feature of Digital Display Advertising is the ability to retarget visitors to your website. Remarketing is very effective as it allows your ad to “follow” a person that has already shown a genuine interest in your business (as they have visited your website). It has been shown that up to 96% of visitors to a website never follow through and contact the business. Perhaps they were looking for a good deal, a specific product, a reputable brand, or just doing research. With digital re-marketing, when the person visits your website, digital display ads will continue to follow them over the next few weeks, as they browse the internet. This keeps your brand at the forefront of their thoughts when they are ready to buy.

Difference between Digital Display Ads and Google AdWords Pay Per Click

You may have heard of Google AdWords Pay Per Click, and may even have had prior experience with this tool. There are some important differences between Digital Display Advertising and Pay Per Click. The main points of difference are outlined below.

Google AdWords:

  • This system targets users that type a pre-designated term/keyword into the Google Search Engine eg  if you target “Plumbing Perth” and the user types in this term, your paid Ad Text appears.
  • You pay for clicks on your ads, which usually ranges anywhere between $20-$80 per click
  • Only text is visible not images and there is no ability to achieve branding promotion.

Digital Display Ads:

  • Videos and images can be used rather than just text, which has proven to be far more effective at brand promotion, and client engagement.
  • The ability to place ads on websites based on the interests and preferences of your target demographic maximising the potential return on your marketing.
  • Digital Display Ads is a lot more economical than Pay Per Click, as the clicks are cheaper and number of impressions are around 70% higher with Digital Display Ads.

Digital Display Advertising is a visual advertising medium that gives you the unique ability to not only follow and re-target visitors to your website, but to also target potential new customers. Your Digital Display Advertising is a highly effective tool to promote brand awareness of your product or service.

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