In this day and age, a lot of people are turning to their phones when they are in need of a certain good or service.

According to data, more than half of smartphone users use Google My Business ( GMB). It is, by far, the most used smartphone application which generates a lot of local searches.

The study done by Google showed that more than 55% of people, who do searches on their phone, act on it within a one hour period by either visiting the store, calling the company, or purchasing something. That study also showed that people take action within 5 hours of searching for a product or service. This accounts for 84% of mobile searches.

It probably got you thinking why there are a lot of businesses on Google local who do not give feedback on the negative reviews posted by one of their customers.

When asked what to do with negative reviews on Google local, it would be best to answer these reviews as personal and as polite as possible.

It came as a great surprise that no company on Google local seem to know how to do it right. A lot of negative reviews tend to go unanswered by most businesses.

It is important to note that Google may penalize business for the bad reviews that they get.

Another research showed that 93% of Millennials, more often than not, read reviews before buying anything. This study also showed that only 77% would believe reviews on a specific brands’ website as opposed to those found on rating platforms. But, 97% of this particular age group, think that anonymous reviews are credible. This only goes to show that people do read reviews found on Google My Business.

It is nearly impossible not to get a negative review since there are a lot of factors out of your control. Negative reviews can stem from factors like delivery issues, shortage of supply, etc. It is important that businesses know that by not responding to a negative review will impact your company or business poorly.

Do businesses think that they would get new customers from a very detailed negative review? Or would new customers opt to go to a similar business with outstanding reviews? Looking at reviews, people would tend to go for those with positive reviews.

It is understandable that small companies may not have the time and resources to search and reply to negative reviews about them. However, it is surprising to know that big-name companies also have a lot of bad reviews that are left unanswered. Searching Google My Business, you will find that well-known companies do not respond back to any of the bad reviews. Even companies, who respond immediately to any sort of feedback in other social media platforms, leave their reviews on Google unanswered. It is baffling since a lot of people use Google to look for goods and services that they need.

It is not the end of your business if someone leaves a negative review. You can actually do something about it.

There are, indeed, customers who change the negative reviews after having their issues sorted out. The review became a positive one after one of the managers addressed the situation properly. Other business owners even take it to the next level by responding to negative reviews humorously.

It is a must for business owners to respond to negative reviews. If someone gives bad comments in your store about the service that they get, business owners or managers will surely respond to it. The same thing applies with the negative reviews on Google My Business, complaints about bad service needs to be addressed. It is an integral part of good business practice to address complaints appropriately.

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