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Do you Monitor Your Online Reviews?

Reviews and ratings are crucial factors in the growth of your online business reputation. A study from local ranking factor The LocalSEOGuide concluded that the number of reviews responded to, have a huge impact on local pack positions. For this reason, it is vital to monitor the feedback you receive. Negative reviews, for example, can be extremely detrimental to your online reputation, but positive ratings can serve as a tool for conversion optimization. This is one of the very critical reasons you need to have a process of monitoring and response in place.

Several industries have dedicated review platforms of their own. For example, TripAdvisor is used in the hospitality and tourism industries. Healthgrades for doctors. HomeAdvisor, for contractors. However, because you may miss key reviews, your online business may face retardation in growth. You might do not even know if you have received negative reviews.

MaxStandOut’s Reputation Management is a much easier, faster, and more effective tool for the collection of new reviews, particularly if your business is present on lots of review sites or you are managing multiple locations. However, there are also general reviews sites like Facebook, YellowPages, and Google, but you’ll need to monitor this manually.

Here at MaxStandOut we have proprietary software that collects customer reviews which can then be distributed across numerous rating platforms. It will automatically  create email alerts when a review is collected, and when the review goes live online.

Who usually posts a review online?

Not everyone who goes through your post, website content, who buys your product, or services will leave you an online review. A TrustPilot research found only 4 categories of people will leave you reviews;

  • Consumers wishing to praise a company after a great experience
  • Consumers wanting to feel empowered by speaking out
  • Customers wanting to feel part of a community and give back something
  • Consumers wishing to share their frustration after a negative experience

Our online reputation management will send you an email so you can quickly identify the type of reviewers you are dealing with.

Reviews are very important and some companies even choose to get fake reviews to improve their rating online.

As well as having a strong online presence, several companies know that reviews are one of the frontiers of their large customer base. Consequently, as the importance of reviews grows, so is the proliferation of fake reviews, with some companies paying for fake reviews. Aside from this, customers also potentially cause damage by posting fake negative reviews. Alternatively, fake positive reviews may be used to unfairly advance the reputation of a company.

At MaxStandOut we have a system that allows the collection / filtering / monitoring / managing of REAL reviews from your REAL clients! We stay away from fake reviews because we believe fake reviews are misleading and unethical.

Reviews should accurately reflect your business experience and quality.

Why use MaxStandOut for the management of local business reputations?

Review and ratings are vital to the online presence of businesses. Building a trusted reputation is essential for the viability and longevity of any successful business. We know the online business’s A B C, how it needs to compete for relevance.  At MaxStandOut, we recognize the need for stellar review profiles from local businesses to stand out from all their other competitors.

For this reason, our online special proprietary tools for managing reputation are extremely user-friendly, cost-effective, and give proven results. It will allow you or your clients to smoothly, seamlessly, and successfully produce, track, and showcase online reviews.

Protect your On-line Business Reputation, business brand with a custom Reputation Marketing plan from MaxStandOut.

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